Calgary Herald: Settle Down Spot Feature


Call them hyper hounds or distractible dogs. They’re the pooches who are too busy horsing around in obedience class to learn any manners. It’s just too exciting with all those dogs and people!

Like “bad kids” they often wind up out in the hallway during class, where their embarrassed owners are asked to puhleeze calm them down. Or, they’re the ones at the off-leash park who go bounding off after other dogs, oblivious to their owners’ plaintive calls.

In her seven years of training hundreds of dogs, Cheryl Wittevrongel has met these “ADHD dogs.” She realized they needed special help and developed a unique dog training program called Settle Down, Spot. (Notice there’s no exclamation mark? Wittevrongel is all about calm. Calm people, calm dogs.).


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