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I cannot recommend Cheryl highly enough. I was surprised at how remarkably easy her training methods are. To start to see immediate success, you only need to implement a few short training sessions every day, and you actually have fun with your dog instead of admonishing him/her and forcing commands. The techniques are engaging and definitely help strengthen the bond between you and your dog. The results have been astonishing. It has been such a thrill to watch my Niko progress from a totally out-of-control dog to a well-mannered one.  – Christina Musa, and dog Niko, Settle Down Spot, Winter 2012


I actually took both dogs together for a long walk and through an off leash area. There were so many people and dogs, and Mitchell hardly barked. He greeted other dogs and didn’t seem too nervous. Molly was good on the leash. No screaming/vocalizing at all, and came away from ducks when I called her. For the first time in a long time, I really enjoyed walking with my dogs. I really think progress has been made thanks to you. ~ Joy Crawford, and dogs Mitchell and Molly, Private lessons for arousal and reactivity, Spring 2012


There are so many things that you teach that are perfect for the pet in our lives. I especially love the way that you are always encouraging and not punitive. It is so easy to get frustrated with puppies because they just can’t pay attention. I am so glad that I was able to bring Maggie to this class. It has refreshed my skills in working with dogs and has been fun. It was fabulous for my son, who now has a very good grasp on how to handle a puppy. ~Shellie Kryski, and puppy Maggie, Puppy Preschool Class, Winter 2012


Cheryl understands dogs and knows how to get the best behavior out of each individual dog (working with their needs and personality, and at their level). Cheryl is personable and practical, and always willing to answer questions and provide help. This class has been a very positive experience, and we appreciate your care, knowledge and expertise with dogs. ~Bob Penner, and dog Max, Basic Obedience Skills Class, Spring 2012


Hula has been getting progressively better on leash (and off) over the past few weeks. I haven’t seen any more inappropriate snapping or aggression and she has met lot of dogs, and we’ve had no issues. Now I know we’re not out of the woods with her, she is still going to be a handful, but I am super encouraged, whereas a month ago I was profoundly upset. THANK YOU. She has completely stopped jumping on me. If she greets me with a wiggle and I don’t immediately respond, she will often just sit. Amazing. If I go into the garage for a minute, I return to find her sitting in the middle of the mat in the mudroom, politely waiting for me. I am giddy at her responsiveness. Wow, you should have a reality TV show 🙂 ~Callie and dog Hula, Settle Down Spot, Spring 2011


Yesterday I had to laugh because Murphy saw a dog coming along the street ahead of us and the first thing that he did was turn around and look at me. He had absolutely NO reaction to the dog coming at all. He seems to be getting it. I am way more positive these past few days. Your help was extremely helpful, especially at a time when I thought Murphy was a very ‘troubled’ little boy. ~ Cynthia McCaffrey and dog Murphy, Private lessons for Reactivity toward other Dogs, Spring 2011


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Happy Tails Dog Training Calgary
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by Melissa Cooney-Burk and Chris Watamanuk on Happy Tails Dog Training Calgary
Great classes

Cheryl was amazing. Not only were the classes straight forward with a positive approach but Cheryl demonstrated time and time again she cares about our dogs.
Our puppy had a traumatic experience outside of class and Cheryl went above and beyond to get Roxy back on track before she left puppy classes.

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