Puppy Classes

Puppy ClassOur Calgary Puppy Classes are extremely popular, and do fill up quickly as spaces are limited to 12 puppies per class. This limit on the number of puppies per class allows us to observe each puppy throughout the class and address their individual needs appropriately, preventing puppies from becoming overwhelmed and over-stimulated. Our choice to focus on preventing future dog behavioral problems by providing careful and appropriate experiences requires that we limit the size of the class, so early registration is required to prevent disappointment.


Puppie Pre-SchoolPuppy Preschool classes are strongly recommended for all puppies, to help them gain confidence and form healthy attitudes. Early socialization is crucial to prevent future behavior problems. Puppy Preschool provides opportunities to safely expose your puppy to a variety of experiences, while providing owners with valuable information to help raise a puppy. Our puppy classes are instructed by 2 professional dog trainers, so there is plenty of opportunity to answer behavior questions and provide the support and guidance often needed by new puppy owners.

Puppies can start Preschool after their second set of vaccinations are completed, so it is best to pre-register as soon as you know your upcoming vaccination dates. Puppies should begin Puppy Preschool no later than 16 weeks of age to ensure that you are not missing laying the groundwork for your puppy’s social life. Puppies must be healthy, and proof of first two sets of vaccinations must be presented. Puppy Preschool runs for a 5 week duration and new registrations are taken weekly, provided there are available spaces.

Schedule and Pricing

  • Puppy classes are Sundays, from 4:00-5:15pm.
  • Classes have been cancelled at this time.  Dates of next classes TBA, pending outcome of Covid-19 situation.
  • Puppy classes are located at Scenic Acres Community Centre, 8825 Scurfield Drive NW, Calgary.
  • These classes have a rolling admission format, allowing you to join in on any week (providing there are spaces available), and attend 5 classes in a row from that point.
  • Puppies must be under 16 weeks when starting the class, and have received their second set of vaccines.
  • Cost of Puppy Preschool is $220.00 (price includes GST).
  • Pre-registration is required. Call 403-208-5448 to reserve a space, as space is limited. Full payment (Visa or MasterCard) will be taken at the time of booking to hold your space in the class, and is non-refundable.


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